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How To Qualify as A Tutor (pgs. 15-27) How To Tutor (Full) 10 Reasons: Parents Take Kids Out of Public Schools Benefits of Teaching History at Home Book Review - Deliberate Dumbing Down of America Devising Your Own Philosophy of Education How to Get Your Local School Board to Adopt Phonics Making Americans Illiterate Readingate Sex Education and How It Got Into the Schools Should Christians Support Education Without God Technology versus the Basics What's Wrong With Government Education Where Do We Go From Here Whole-Language Fraud Who's Teaching The Teachers Why The Fed Should Get Out of Education Why America's Schools Can't Teach Children To Read Blumenfeld Archive Flyer

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Look-Say Causes Dyslexia (Audio/mp3) Dyslexia and What You Should Know Dyslexia-The Disease You Get in School Edward Miller on Dyslexia (Eng) Edward Miller on Dyslexia (esp) Making of A Dyslexic School-Induced Dyslexia What Every Doctor Should Know About Dyslexia The Blumenfeld Education Letter Volume 03 Issue 01 The Blumenfeld Education Letter Volume 05 Issue 08 The Blumenfeld Education Letter Volume 07 Issue 05 The Blumenfeld Education Report Volume 01 Issue 03


Getting Into Home Schooling High School The Homeschool Way Homeschooling and the Educational Crisis On Learning Greek Parents Guide To Homeschooling The Home-School Movement & Christian Revival


How To Tutor (pgs. 29-136) Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics Online *** Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics Workbook Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics Instructions Alpha-Phonics Testimonials Miracle of Alpha-Phonics Chevron Corporation - John S Watson Mr. Fred Wang - Alpha Phonics on Computer


How To Tutor (pgs. 137-177) Blumenfeld's Handwriting Online *** Benefits of Cursive Writing


How To Tutor (pgs. 179-298) Blumenfeld's Arithmetic Online *** How to Make Your Child Love Arithmetic Meaning and Mystery of Numbers Great American Math Disaster